SR Bronze level 1 troll

Nice reflect on level one. Wiped out a 6 Star. Scopely still the biggest trolls :slight_smile:


Woke up this morning, getting coffee, and fired up SR. Almost got tricked… almost. Also had a thought. We have melee characters with down right magical abilities, yet they are “blocked” and foiled by a simple concrete road divider. Just a thought.


Rip wayland


Cheap way for scopley to make us use a revive pack.

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Meh, reflect damage is only thing have to look out for in SR. I would say Cheeky at best. Just had to put my Guardian team up a bit early.

Revive packs not necessary with proper use of guardian and tenacity toons.


I got trolled, too.
I lost Spencer to reflection.

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Is that about as weird as one being in the middle of where I assume is a forest?


Autofill and roll…

I ain’t winning it without dropping a hundo anyway so I’ll make it as far as I can with the ole free energy.*

  • I sometimes buy road packs if completion rewards are ok on a short tourney

First 8 stages of bronze had 3 reflect.

Yeah. And not only did it worked out, it also killed my Hershel and Wanderer. 2 Red Ones, the only colour where I haven’t any medical Revives. Just gotta love it… also of course it’s one Wave so no Revive can go off in that time.

Pathetic. As always.
I didnt even care to go past silver.
This event, as this whole game, is getting more and more boring !

Some might say it is strategy and you need to pay attention.
Some might say its just another trick intended to have you run short on moneytized items.
And some might just quit slowly playing because nothing fun left to enjoy.

You can use 1/2* chars to complete first stages…they are easy anyway.

This one is definitely important ! :joy:

Every time we have SR this gets posted! :joy::joy:

Yet, everytime there is still some chump who comes and moans about it.


I bet you are an absolute delight at parties …

I’m a hoot

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I want a hooting jaguar at my next party!

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