SR battery milestones

The map reset after 24 hours so we must finish elite stage by then or we are gonna miss on the roadmap, so unless you have enough cans you are gonna be screwed


Its not a requirement to finish both maps everyday.

Since when ?

You need all the milestones to finish it once

you’re still limited by red keys

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Those maps arent a must do. They have one that resets every 8 hous and the others daily. But the tires seem to be what you need to grind. For 1 toon i believe you only need 25 steering wheels. So if you every map i believe someone did math and it was like 48 steering wheels. Tires are in raid drops and the maps. So i wouldn’t fret if you miss a few maps.

You won’t have a red key for tomorrow so just use it then. Unless you buy keys, which aren’t that expensive (150 coins), you most likely won’t be able to do every map. And if you use the key on today’s roadmap, you won’t have batteries for tomorrow roadmap.

I know. I didnt say you didn’t.

Even though prior to unlocking it still says “This will enable access for the next 60:00:00:00.” More false advertising/bugs that TWD is used to.

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Where are you seeing keys for 150 coins? I have yet to see them outside of the starter pack

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I did the math and you HAVE to do the harder roadmap and hit all 3 crusin roadmaps and you will still be short 2,465 tires.

Crusin roadmap gives 3 steering wheels and 108 tires a day if you do all 3 roadmaps in a day.

The easier roadmap gives 556 tires a day and the harder roadmap gives 1,099 tires a day. The battery cost is the same amount of tires you get.

The issue here is the milestones and the amount of batteries and the timers, the way the milestones and timers for the roadmaps are you need to finish as OP said elite in the amount of time before the roadmap resets, this requires cans, im gonna assume the same for raid events, cans will be needed and level up, well with all the level ups, i am personally drained of gear and toons to level really but this is all by design.

Yes, we get tires in raids but if you do the math, calm down from the excitement of being able to get a decap or disarm for a few seconds and remember this is scopely, you will see that it doesnt add up exactly for f2p/someone without much cans.


Dude, it’s a very attainable decap or disarm. Should they just appear in your inbox 1 day instead?

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Oh well then ur fuked then,should have saved cans and coins imo


It was up last night. It’s gone now.

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No, maybe read and/or do some math before typing the standard response of “grind/get good/do you want it just given to you” i explained it very clearly in my post, the way the milestones, amount of batteries and timers are for the roadmaps, cans are needed.


Let’s see if they tie war milestones or rewards into this event before making assumptions.


Ill be getting bruce, i was just explaining what is needed and how it all works but nice try i guess

All i am saying is that as it stands now this is the math, how it works, what is needed

Need tires/or batteries from war or maybe more tires to drop in raids cause the math is clear, you arnt doing the roadmaps without hitting milestones in time cause of the times and battery amount, thats all. Answered OPs question, didnt mean to get people to trip and argue with simple math lol

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When players get accustomed to being able to coin through any obstacles, they get lazy using their brains or detecting survival clues. #GitGudIrony