SR autofill is a f-n joke

can you take it to the team that the autofill coded by scopeli is a fusking joke…
combining red and blue toons on a green blue leader, and giving s class toons without a lead skill as leaders.
please tell them that they need to open the game and try it and not only look on the source code. nothing to see there…


Auto fill puts your strongest toons in a team.Doesnt matter.Its not scopley fault this time


its more annoying since every sr stage its different trait toons you need to use. scopes knows how to make the game less fun.


Are you sure? Screenshot?

this team was chosen by scopelys autofill, where you clearly see there are some useful leaders that could be chosen instead of kapoor…


Scopely doesnt code anything, they just seize the money.
Iugo guys do.
But obviously they are not paid to enhance the game.

Years ago, they implemented a better auto-filling routine because there used to be none at start !
Strongest toons with strongest weps were just added in the team. It took hundreds of complaints to have this corrected so don’t get too upset : things were really worse before !!

You telling me Christa isn’t a good leader for double Mercers and Pamela?

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It’s the equivalent of handing your phone to a toddler and asking them to pick a team for you.


that is not big problem tbh.

In less concerned with fixing auto than letting us use preset teams in sr

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Having preset teams we can pick to use would make me enjoy SR 100% better, as it is now is to boring with changing teams what seem every stage this SR.


Never had it auto fill a team with a lead with no lead skill js…

The entire game is a joke. Nothin to see here

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Your telling me. Every time it picks Christa as my leader. I have Camilla, SCAndrea, Carl, Winter Michonne who aps like crazy, and several more leader toons. Yet Christa is its pick. And eww it keeps picking Kapoor. Haven’t even done anything with him yet.

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So I pull Christa and replace my kirkman negan with her. Add winter Michonne and drop Kapoor. And place my ryker in his spot.

I would assume that S-Class characters are throwing off the algorithm.

Yeah. That’s probably what it is. Cause it picks the S class over all when the traits suit them.

It typically picks highest stats. At one point they improved it to prioritize lead skill but I think that got overlooked with S Class. Same thing happened when Gen2 6s came out. People couldn’t understand why a T2 Gen2 6 was getting picked over a maxed out T4 Gen1 6*.

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I’m not sweating it. Its easy to just pick and choose who I want. But with a harder, much harder roadmap, I do wish they’d remove the trait thing. And fix any bugs like this. They need to overhaul the whole game for S class. Thanks for responding. And that makes sense!

Much bigger problems than this in-game that need addressing :unamused: