Spray Paint and Duct Tape


Dear @kalishane , just a polite question from my side will there be Duct Tape and Spray paints made available in either a road map or rewards in events ?? Many many thanks for your much appreciated feedback

Wish you a lovely evening / day ( depending on your time zone I guess)



would be nice to see these again as milestones and things.

all but vanished lately.

they added them to this fac assault thing.
But active trainers and t4 gear competing



they haven’t given us a roadmap for those items in ages. I wonder if they think that they don’t need to since they’re available now when we reach higher levels



Play Survival road bud. You get them there too. Almost got 40 of each



No spray paints and rare parts is like once or twice a week get 1 rare part.
Duct tape and kits are very few and far between on survival road.

Wakeup junior



Agreed I’m very happy that you have so many I play SR daily and I surely don’t have 40 each but I’m delighted you have so many of them thanks for sharing

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Wake up Junior? Come on user. I was only helping the other user out.



The 40 is from player leveling up. You can do it. :slight_smile:



I’ll get them eventually aye :slight_smile: still wouldn’t be bad to have a nice roadmap or give em as event rewards maybe get folks a little excited again about “another” level up event



I’m not trying to be mean, just cracking a joke by saying the following: Would you also like a polished turd? because pretty much that is how DT and PK is, even when you use them you fail a lot at crafting crit and specials. I hope that when you do get some DT and PK it works out for you, or even that spray paint you want. I have 22 SP and I can’t remember the last time I even tried using it. Is that for crit or craft success?

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AI have the same experience I know it’s unfortunately like that I’ve done my share of crafting but still id like some :):sunglasses:

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Hi PSMike thank you very much! I hope you have a great day too!

I will give the feedback – I really really need these as well so I know the feels!

Thank you for reaching out!



We were getting a road map about once a month for a while which was a good pace. I’m fine with gear or weapon parts on a weekly basis although the more the better.

When ascendancy was released these stopped. It’s certainly nice that we got a bump from the 125 lvl grind, but I’ve since exhausted this inventory. Continued progress would be appreciated aside from the deconstructing 25 4s weapons to get 1 useful part grind.

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and if you finish the daily route?



Sure they’ll add duct tape to a 1billion solo level up milestone



spray paints as milestones would be ultimate nice they once were…

I loved those 2 paints and 2 tapes + 2 kits!!!



hi Kalishane hope your weekend went well , just double checking whether you had a chance to discuss the weapon upgrading goodies with the team :slight_smile:

Thanks ever so much