Spray cans needed

Spray Cans are really unbalanced scopley

Can you consider adding spraycans to weapon road maps
or add x6 to league store in near future

milestone events always drop duck taps and polishing kits

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Buy the survival club pass and you won’t have to waste craft materials when crafting weapons. You just need wood materials and craft success items. $24.99 a month. If you don’t buy it then you’ll have to either purchase an offer with paint anyway, or wait till Scopley releases a crafting part roadmap.

I have the survival club, so Im not going to tell you what to do, just suggesting an easier solution to your low paint issue.

That’s includes spray paint, so SC wouldn’t help here


Oh I didnt Know SC let you craft with out the use of spray paints that’s handy

Yeah it does. I’ve only been using polishing kits for my craft success weapon.

Spray paints are critical sucess items like polishing kits, so if you have to use polishing kits then I would assume the same goes for Spray paints.


Thats weird because the red weapon Im crafting doesn’t need spray paint, only tape and polish kits.

Spray Paints are crit items for hp upgrades, like in the picture above for 30% hp a spray paint is needed for crit, while adding defender 3 requires Polishing kit.

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Let me go ahead and be the typical forum idiot… (please note sarcasm) how do you need spray paint? I’ve got plenty (end sarcasm)

Spray paint is used for 30% like hp and crit and 5% crafting, it doesnt come with SC and that wouldnt be worth $25 a month even if it did


I am constantly running out of spray paint and dismantling Chance % must be very low.

I buy from League store every time the timer resets but still…not enough.

I agree TC. They need to sort this.

Getting on this forum makes me so glad I don’t play anymore. They now have a monthly subscription called Survival Club?!?! LMFAO!!! And people actually pay 25 a month for it?!?! I’m dying over here​:sweat_smile::laughing::sweat_smile:. Keep on surviving

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Yup lol i feel bad for people tbh good thing you got out cause its getting worse as time goes by

You need to disassemble more…honestly that’s where they live.

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