Spot the differences


image image


I’m afraid I can’t see the difference here, really difficult this one


None of the tokens are green. What do I win? :rofl::+1:


Were the all out war prizes garbage 2 weeks ago?


You won a crate contains 1000 anniversary tokens 5 basic tokens. Chances for anniversary tokens are 0.000001%


One picture has a tiger in the corner

:tiger2: :tiger:


The bottom pic has items inside that were useful at one point and the top pic is trash. I hope i was right


Oh baby, gravy train city now :+1::rofl::white_check_mark:


The bottom pic is garbage the top pic is recycled.


For a blitz war, I think the rewards are pretty good. Milestones not so much


Hmmm theres no gold and green colours in em :thinking: do I win? Otherwise I can’t see anything else…


Ascendance medals and 3 year tokens what’s wrong with these rewards? They seem pretty good actually idk maybe it’s just me and I don’t see why we need 2 threads about u comparing a trash can to war rewards


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