Spooky stash reset


I transferred regions and my stash reset. Anyone else have a similar issue?


Yup happened 2 me too when u transfer they reset


happened to my faction mate. and it is in the middle of the stash. so all efforts all wasted. Scopely should take a look at this (highly unlikely that Scopely will, but nevertheless…)


I’m certain it says before you transfer stashes will be reset. Happened to me also not overly bothered tbh.


It’s not like it tells you clearly in what doesn’t transfer… :woman_facepalming:


You think everyone checks that?


If they don’t, it is on them. Scopely did their due diligence spelling out what is included with transfers, and what isn’t. It tells you it will overwrite an account already in that region in the transfer there. Yet, people keep coming on forums and complaining about it because they chose not to read the warnings.


They should have made a better way to tell them. People think they know everything that would go with them and stay. I never even read about the stash part. I’m almost certain it wasn’t there when they made transfers live.


It was there when it was being tested in beta.


Ahhhhh I didn’t even see it said that efffff


Yes, putting all the information in the screens you are required to click through before transferring is a horrible way to ensure you receive all the information prior to finalizing your transfer. What was Scopely thinking, why would people bother reading warnings about something so important? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


People don’t think stashes would be effected so they don’t care to look.


oh, you`re being a smartass here too? pretty sad fighting about something you are clearly wrong about


I’m wrong about people not thinking stash is effected? Tell me how oh wise one.


Also there is no wrong or right in this. It’s more about what people do and do not do.


What, like a seven page warning message which details exactly what does and doesn’t transfer? Like they actually did.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink…




That’s just life. Sorry to tell you.


It should clearly be hundreds of page’s. Where you have to type what is written to move to the next page.
Or they could make it where you are responsible for reading what is clearly stated.


You’d sell your soul without knowing