Spooky Stash 2 of 2 Sneak Peek


I never understood why we can’t have a preview of the 2nd stash :man_shrugging:. If the stash is decent it could entice players to get there faster. Nevertheless, here’s what you have chances at after Stash 1.


Oh, that’s some quality stuff. Gotta say; I’m really digging the stashes. They’re FTP friendly and reward participation/activity.


The tier 3 gear and gold mod boxes are personally all I care for.


Do some of you did the math what it takes to open all 80?


I believe he wants to know the free vs pay split. I believe the free is 20 via museum:

The pay is 60 via offers, a daily I have been getting 2 of is below:

Hope this helps @KamilDenmark


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