Spookey Stash Completion Reward


Hey guys

See The picrures, ofc I would lie if I told I’m not going for the 6lilkiths :slight_smile: but my questions is, so I need to open all of the “calendars” like 80? Or how should I Understand it ?


Yes you need to open the first stash with 20 and the complete second stash with 60 items


ahh Okay, do we know how long time we have to do that?


There is a timer in the bottom right hand corner of the stash screen


ah thanks… 11 days :slight_smile:


Do some of you run to complete all of it ?


I’m saving my coins for the crates with the stash tokens and I buy them when I see them. There is currently no way to complete both stashes by the time the event ends without buying extra stash tokens, at least that’s the way I see it.


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