Spoils of War reward crashing game

I tried to claim my Spoils of War crate after war rewards came in but every time I try to collect it my game crashes and goes out to the main loading page.

It eventually returns shortly after the game reopens but it happens over and over every time I try to collect.

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Scopely doesn’t want you having Vincent

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Haha, I believe it, since I need a 3rd one.

It’s actually this one that has the mod scraps.

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@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

This is happening alot today

Crashed for me in previous war, but not in current one

Be grateful you haven’t been locked out since friday

Thanks for your feedback.

Indeed - there have been reports of crashing when claiming the Spoil of War crate. I have escalated the issue further for investigation.

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This has happened to me about a dozen times when trying to claim on two separate accounts (same region, 1st place rewards) since rewards were distributed.

It happened to me last war after a few days I was able to claim it without crashing

After over 24 hours I finally claimed it. By accident too, I had just finished watching all 30 ads and collected all the coins, in the process the spoils of war too. And it didn’t crash this time (an hour before it did)

Thanks for responding. I was able to claim the crate this morning without any issues.

After I was told it’s my device or I need a higher speed internet. Lol thanks

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