Spoilers: The only good parts of this season were


When Jerry clean sliced dude open and Rosita’s Rocket kill. The rest of this season is meh. What are your favorite moments this season?


The end of Shiva was pretty poorly done. More like she got trapped than saving Ezekiel. He just had to stop crying and keep moving.


it was a cheap shot.

THey killed her off in the most vile and pitiful way.
Anti-climactic predictable …

Rosita Rocket Kill was dope tho.


I agree. I didn’t want her to die off like that. It was unrealistic because as a Tiger, she could have jumped over the herd, like she always does, but knowing AMC and TWD, animals never survive in this series.


Shiva dies saving Ezekiel in the comics at the same point in the story. … It just wasn’t much of a saving Ezekiel moment. They could have done way better. They were literally staring at each other for 5 minutes while Ezekiel cried.


the acting is pretty cringe quite often.


Like how cheesy and silly can we get? ^^


But as video games have taught me, she should have aimed at the floor. Risky going for the direct body shot.

She probably should have use it to boost her jump too. Missed opportunity.


This lol!!! He wasn’t even remotely in any danger, i agree it was a piss poor way to kill off shiva. It would have been much better if he was on his back with walkers all around. Then shiva human torpedos the pack and starts shredding zombies. Only then to be over run and eventually subdued due to numbers.

Him crying 15 feet from any walkers, while with allies and only needing to climb up an embankment to get away. That whole scene should have been 100x better then it was.


That was a Resident Evil game easter egg. They always give us Rockets to kill the boss at the end of the game. Hahaha


According to TSDF tonight should be very interesting :thinking:


This game got my moral down so much that I didn’t even watch this season oO.

But from what I’m seeing, nothing Far from the comics :stuck_out_tongue:


Tonight should be the attack on the Safezone. I think Tara or Rosita gets their leg blow off instead of Heath this time. I’m guessing It’s going to be Rosita, but she’ll be okay. The Rocket kill gave that hint. They’re swaping roles, and when the Whisperers debut, I think Eugene will get his head in a pike instead of Rosita.


Game? What game? Resident Evil?


Road to Survival xD


Oh lol. XD


The use of the tiger in the end of vice principals was done better than shiva Rofl Shiva deserved better!




AHHHHHH. How could they stray so far from the comics on this???


New favorite moment.

Carl’s death. So happy the little :poop: is finally gone.


Show is off the rails now with skinny jeans Negan. I have to stop watching it’s going to start ruining the comics for me more than it already has. Can’t watch the show butcher The Whispers