Spoilers-Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Anybody see this yet? I loved Rogue One and thought The Force Awakens was decent, even if the plot was just recycled from A New Hope. But this shit here…IMO this movie was just horrible. Rian Johnson took a big dump on the Star Wars Franchise and I rank this movie slightly above The Phantom Menance in the worst Star Wars Movies rankings.
I hate what they did with Luke’s character, hate that they jobbed out Snoke like that, and the Leia “Mary Poppins” scene was ridiculous. But mostly overall, the movie was just LONG and BORING.



Lol you must be a hardcore SW fan if you think this movie was great. This movie was shit, just like It remake was shit with too many jump scares. Acting was excellent though.

P. S I didn’t see the movie yet, and basing my thoughts in what reviews said.


I am a huge Star Wars fan and I enjoyed the movie. Only part I disliked was no Snoke backstory and Leia floating in space was a LOL moment.

I know SW fans are the hardest to please as they nitpick everything, but honestly it was better than The Force Awakens and Episodes 1&2.


Gullible, you are.


You Thank why.


I finished watching it about 24 hours ago.

1st up practical advice:
It made very little use of 3D, no need to spend extra on seeing it in 3D.
It did implement 4DX well, but employed it excessively so much so that eventually we just wished we could just sit still and not get constantly sprayed, tossed and poked.

It was largely awful.
Not as bad as Phantom Menace or Clone Wars, but way worse than most of the others in the series.

It felt like it was co-written by a teenager and a child.

It was chock full of Lucas Cringe (as if to make up for the relative lack of Lucas Cringe in the last 2 films).

Adam Driver remained excellent as Kylo Ren - the saving grace of the film.
Laura Dern was good too.
Benicio Del Toro embarrassed himself less than Samuel L Jackson, Liam Neeson, or Ewan McGregor, but it was still well sub-par for the performances he usually delivers.
They continued to try shoving 2nd rate characters & actors down our throats - but I guess that’s to be expected with Star Wars at this stage.
The child actors on the casino planet were a particular low point and almost as bad Jake Lloyd.

While Star Wars is not hardcore science fiction, I think it should at least expect itself conform to a few basic things such as the nature of gravity and the lethality of the vacuum of space.


What? What child would ever write about decapitation, betrayal, and adult theme in a movie? Star Wars is too dark to be written by a child unless they’re into that stuff lol.


The Casino part was written by a child. Damn, that part… Boooored


Worst Star Wars film ever made.
Still no films about the Old Republic or the Clone Wars (except the 2nd).


Rey is a nobody
Luke is a grumpy *sshole
Leia is Superman
Captain Plasma was a waste
Luke dies because the director wanted to
Snoke was a nobody and died
There is a boy in the ending because the director wanted to

Who is ansious to see Kylo Ren vs Ren in the final movie? Not this Guy u.u


The teen would write all the edgy trying to be dark stuff, the kid would write all the shit with the fish people and puffin cats.

I guess I should clarify: the kid & teen writers each have no contact with each other and don’t even know the other one exists and thinks they are the sole author of this piece of crap.


Lol oh wow XD.


What the shit…you based your review of the movie on a review? I’m not saying I liked the movie, but what the hell. I guess this is a microcosm of why this forum is so toxic, stuff like this and that other guy who was crapping on last years RTS Christmas even without them even know what the present was.


Ding ding ding. This is just a joke, and wanted to see reactions, and you’re the first one. Of course I would never base my review on a review, but sometimes they are right. From what I heard it was trash. Only casual movie watchers who know nothing about SW will enjoy the movie. Lol


I liked it. Had its faults, and I would have liked more from Luke, but I liked it.

I consider myself a SW fan, too. Big fan of Thrawn, personally


I liked it.

I think they are veering away from jedi vs sith stories but the force is still very much in use.


Just seen it. I can see its flaws. But I still liked it.
Not the worst.


Not the worse? They killed and ruined Luke and his backstory. Hahaha


I’ll take it over Jar Jar Shity Binks any day :joy:


Really, I came out so disappointed. Everything they built up to in force awakens was just glossed over.
Reys parents -nobodys(if there not important don’t build it up)
Luke’s lightsaber - waste, thrown out immediately
Snoke-mysterious big bad, unknown origin spent the entire movie building up to him in Fa, dies very quickly with no backstop.
Captain phasma-why was she even in the movie I’m sure that kid in the stables did more in the movie than her.
Honestly it was a disappointment, sure there were some great bits but, It genuinely felt like a stand alone movie rather than a sequel