[SPOILERS] Should there be a Special telltale Legacy Event?


For those who have not played TWD The Final Season spoilers ahead please be warned.

Sooooooooooooooo if you, like myself, has bought TWD the final season and the episodes you will know that Lilly is Still Alive after the protagonist’s kicked her out of the RV back in Season 1 and thought to have a off screen death but she is back and better than before (even if she did kill doug) but if you also know there is a 5* lilly in twd rts so if Telltale lets Scopley continue useing telltale toons will they add Lilly as a new 6 legacy i would not say its gonna happen but id like to think they could if they added Marlon and Rosie and the gang.
It could be a cool monthly event like the Rise to power Rick and give everyone 5* Lilly as a Reward.



Premier lily toon inbound


Multiple People Are Typing


i dont expect nothing from scopely at this point. of she is going to join then probably only as a premier


“Suffer the children”

Support role.
Moderate stats.

Leader skill: all teammates receive +40% defense against ranged enemies. Very large bonus to ap when taking damage.

Rush: 66 ap
Burn their cover: deal 250% damage to a single enemy. That enemy and all adjacent enemies take 200 burn damage per turn for 2 turns and -35% defense for 2 turns. All non-legendary teammates receive +150% attack and +150% defense for 3 turns.

Active skill: all teammates get +30 crit for 2 turns.


Lillys Hunting Rifle
30% Atk
10% Hp
150% When Attacking a Enemy under the effect of burn, you will deal double damage
Could be a Toon Locked weapon


The last thing we need in this game is more op locked weapons that go against all pre-established weapon meta.


That will be a very good detail IF Scopely can give us the chance to ascend the regular Lily to 6*, but I think we should wait for at least 6 months for get a brand-new ascendible …


I’d rather it be just like the Lori event so I don’t need to waste precious medals.


Do not change what Lilly does. She’s one of the best 5-stars for SR. Don’t use her much now but she made beating legendary so much easier back in the day.


I have 6 of her don’t need or want anymore thank you :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Scopely is going to go braindead like they did with that decapitate Sandy and make a new toon for a new 6*.


That’s cool Always Wondered what happen to her


Lylly “telltale is dead”, best character ever


That would be decent. :I hope they ad the other kids to the mix. I really enjoyed Mitch and Ruby


Thanks @ForumModerator


Willy and his gut shattering super punch.


Yes please, si, por favor! i have 5* Lilly and it would be nice to add yet another Ascendable to my collection!


yes. He is one mean 12 year old


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