*SPOILERS* Introducing Magna's Group to TWD


I captured this pic from The Walking Dead’s Facebook Page. Happy to see some of our favorite RTS/comic characters finally come to life

From left to right;


y does kelly in the TV series look more like connie from the comics than connie in the TV series? SMH


Yumi isn’t hot enough.


They should’ve killed all the walkers by themselves they had Kelly as their leader… guess 36% crit didn’t work



They showed up at the end of last week’s episode.

Also I just discovered that last week was Maggie/Lauren Cohan’s last episode. That departure was sort of underwhelming.


Magna is nice i hope they all live long but i feel luke might die


They said she’d be back though so pretty much just a break.


I didn’t like the ending. There’s no way that if rick survived and years passed on, that he didn’t try to get back to Judith and michonne. I guess we’ll see how they play it out when the feature film comes out. But for now, I’m kind of disappointed… and yes, Maggie’s departure was very underwhelming. A character of that caliber, albeit not one of my personal favs, deserved to go out with a bang so to say.


If Rick was taken far away, it would take a long time for him to get back, depending on how far it was. Plus they most likely needed him for something like experiments, who knows how long that would have taken. Either way, we’ll find out in the films what happened and what’s going to happen to him.


I believe they’re the commonwealth.


I can almost guarantee they are, they’re the only government type group we’ve seen recently.


Why don’t they just find the institute under CIT, they have synths that could fight walkers




From what I’ve read they tried to make Maggie/Cohan’s exit pretty ambiguous. It sounds like everyone is currently unsure of when/if she will return, which makes sense considering her other acting obligations at the moment.


I love how u put spoilers in the title then literally also put the spoiler in the title smh


Lol just realized that, my bad


This looks fake No 4 Erikas with gold mods


where is Luke

Yumiko is kinda ugly


Pretty sure they said themselves that she would be back though.


Curly hair guy is Luke