~SPOILER ALERT~ (TWD Season 8, Episode 12)


Get to work Scopely…Pretty Please =)


He game’s based on the comics, not the show, so it’s unlikely they’d adapt flaming Lucille from the show. That said, they’ve done a bunch of non-canon Lucille variants, so I’d say anything’s possible.


They did rocket launcher Abe after Abe found a rocket launcher on the show, and they did tough Michonne with an assault rifle, after Michonne went out hunting with a rifle on the show… so never say never… lol


The Terminus group is based on The Hunters arc from the comic, which scopely skipped over entirely, I’m not sure why


Abe never used the rocket launcher on the show though – that was all Daryl. And blue michonne wasn’t released around the same time as that episode aired I don’t believe, though I may be wrong.

I think the closest scopely has gotten to ripping off show material is with the appearance of Morgan (road to survival 2), which is a blatant copy of season 5 Morgan’s getup


Why just make a flaming Lucille when we could make a neagan who defaults a flaming luccile he can be a burn toon do heavy dmg and inflict massive burn maybe even make it that it introduces a new weapon special which inflicts 300 burn dmg for 3 turns to a atker
e.g negans incendiary flaming luccile a greater chance to inflict 300 burn dmg to the enimie for 3 turns.


That was a pretty cool scene (in my opinion), but I learned before that Rick has the accuracy of a blind stormtrooper.


Gatherer Morgan was a blatant ripoff from TV show Morgan


I’m starting to wonder if Lucille is made of vibranium… That bitch has been shot, bashed in 1000s of heads, smashed into walls and the ground, and now its been set on fire. Seems a regular old Louisville slugger would be broken by now… :joy:


Clearly we need Jerry wielding an entire pie!


Somewhere between Vibranium and Beta Adamantium


Lmao too funny. Someone sent me this after the last episode



lol, this got me like -> :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I liked that episode a lot, one of the better episodes in a while in my opinion.