Spidergate - Collection Broken

Here we go again.
When claiming the spider rewards from museum. The spiders disappear!
Please give me back my spiders.
There is NO RED!

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So if you have 100 spiders and claim the collection are you expecting to keep the 100 spiders and to be able to claim it again?


Yes. I expect to follow the rules. Remember the Michonne Dual Specialist? Or Red Cake collections? Wow be bad if the characters go missing…


I don’t expect to keep the spiders but the truth is they’re not marked as being spent so by all reasoning he should still have them


People complain about the most insignificant things… did you actually think that you could just redeem the collection 10 times with 100 spiders? What would be the point of us getting any more in milestone rewards if that was the case?


Think about that again. You only have 100 spiders. You are saying that after you claim it with those 100 spiders you should be able to keep those spiders and claim it again. And then keep those spiders and claim it again. Thus only needing the initial 100 to do all 10 claims of that collection which should be 1000 spiders worth but you only need 100 spiders to do it.

Yes there should be a red exclamation next to it as it consumes those spiders but common sense would indicate that you don’t keep those spiders. How this is a “gate” I do not know.


And this collection is up for 14 more days. This Sr tournament gives 1000 spiders, all you need for the collection. So why are we even worried about not keeping them?

This is not a gate at all. You completed a collection, you get a completion card on your collections, that’s where your spiders are

I usually disagree with you. Just because. But anyway, you’re right. It isn’t.

The scary doll has the red exclamation point

They aren’t marked as being consumed so OP is technically correct but I think most everyone expected them to be consumed. Just another example of poor QA.


Just something to add. You CAN claim the same spiders TWICE. Once for the free claim, once for the doll claim.
So it technically is a Mini-Gate, because some players can benefit from this twice :wink:

No, I think no one in the right mind (except for a whale with lots of cash to burn) can bring themselves to buy 10 of that doll package at that price… and whats worse, you still won’t be able to get Daiyu after buying them all.


Yeah, a “gate” that gives you a mind blowing 10 collectibles.
I bet that this time its working as intended indeed. So that spenders will be able to collect both options.

Not even seen the dolls

For usd 9.99

They just popped👍

At least the Dolls and Spiders are creepy, keeping in theme with the horror aspect of this game, which at times is sadly lacking, honestly what has Banana Splits got to do with Walking Dead?


Well yeah, but the rules say that you keep things without the exclamation mark. You would think that the spiders had an exclamation mark, because it would not make sense that you could claim the whole collection with just 100, but there’s none there. So there’s a reasonable expectation that you get to keep them, the game tells you so.

The whole thing is also quite illuminating. Obviously, the game needs to know which museum requirements are consumed when collecting, and which ones you get to keep. This is exactly the same information as the exclamation mark, so they only need the information once, and can read it both for displaying the ! and for consuming when collecting. But here, the two are separate! This suggests that when adding a collection to the museum, someone has to set both whether the icon is displayed and whether the itmes are consumed individually. This is simply unnecessary, and just leads to potential errors with no gain. No wonder we keep seeing all these gates if that’s how their game data entry works…

P.S give the spiders back they are not market with red :smiley: