Spider toy? Claim it where...?

Yeah, cool and all but without the creepy doll how do we claim them?

@GR.Scopely @TayTron


There are 2 museum collections

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I maxed out the first museum collection the first time they gave these away. And I haven’t seen the dolls anywhere.

Show me.

I claimed the last time they ran spider toys, either Halloween or thanksgiving.

The only collection I see now is the one with the doll. No doll.


There were only the 2 collections. If you didn’t complete the first one last SR tournament then this is your chance to finish. If you already completed it then they are useless. Hence why they give another item in the bag with the spiders. As far as the dolls, I have no idea if they will run any offers or give a chance to get one.


Need the sr markers, just throw the spiders on the pile of other useless collectibles.

I’d be more concerned about those if I were u

There are 2 collections available in the museum for the spiders

  • Spider Toy++ (with the doll)
  • Spider Toy



There are two collections available for people that didn’t claim them from the last time, for me there is only one collection in the museum that requires a creepy doll. No doll, can’t collect.

200 coins for 25% chance at doll this AM.

Yikes! Didn’t see that, thanks slyest!

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Tip of the cap @Slyest



Brain fart.

I wasn’t thinking straight, you need 10 dolls to claim All 10.

I just wasted 600 coin on three pulls for 60 s class items.

That really sucks.

But working as intended so buyer beware.

Spiders will be going in the plushy pile.


200 coins for 30 ascendables basically. Let’s do some quick math 10000/30*200=66666 coins for s class. It is terrible deal let’s be real and that is only for daiyu, it is double that for anyone else. I could be wrong?


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Yeah I figured people were thinking maybe you only needed one doll?

Go be a good consumer and buy your scary dolls lol

Even if you hit powerball it would be 2000 coins for 1200 or 600 ascendables, not exactly breaking scopelys bank. Oh and we got the pleasure of earning the spiders in milestones, how generous…

Yeah o completed the other collection that was just spiders I bought a few crates just to get a Doll and I needed a few more SR points to get another Platinum mod but wont be getting anymore it’s a waste

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Thanks indeed :slight_smile: