Spending money is the last thing that crosses my mind


You have fucked up so many times and let us down with false promises. It’s really sad. f2p or p2w kind of player, we’re all demotivated.

I’d love to have the new Governor, Sandy, Hershel… That would make me competitive again. I used to spend a lot but then I remember the first paragraph.

I could try a couple big pulls and get the new toon. What’s next? Lvl him up to get 5* tokens and pull Christa? Use him in war against Carl/Mira for the same result?

A lot of us keep playing out of habit. I imagine you want us to buy coins but why? You don’t care about the players :woman_shrugging:t2:


I cannot have put it better!


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Well said! Truly a shame. :confused:


I think the spend money on a 6s to win 5s tokens illustrates perfectly what is so wrong with this game economy at the moment.