Spending Comics - What to choose?

Hi All,

Just looking for some advise. I currently have 65 comics and once the new weekly mission resets I will have another 15 so 80.

My SC Andrea is currently 6* Tier 2 so once the extra 15 hits I believe I will have enough to max her. I understand she is perhaps not the greatest anymore however she is the only 6* shield I have so would be at least useful for me.

I am slowly collecting Ice Cream cones for Priya so I am just wondering whether would be more beneficial to use the comics to get extra Cones or grab one of the toons such as Harrison as I unfortunaly missed out on Jesus. Also I could just keep saving and wait for the next batch of toons as should have 100 comics by the time they refresh.

Thanks all

They offered Zach for comics so I’m waiting until there’s another offer of that calibur

Harrison is not worth it, Andrea can still be relevant as Absolute Defense can tank the S-Class damage, and she provides a good leader skill that still makes some of the hardest teams I fought. If you want, save up and wait to see what toons will Scopley put next in the museum for comics

I would say save them, you never know what they could drop next and if you have 100 for the next rotation it could pay off. You could pull ajax from 5* tokens too, so I would personally hold off

Why not?

None of those toons are any good now☹️

Harrison is good but he’s ass.

Scopely could of gave him stun or impair. Since his ar is him using the rocket. And his ar could be stun (If you near the blast radius of a rocket you would be stunned due to being near it or impaired) Is morgan or gabriel any good?

OH SHIT I JUST FORGOT. What happened to the sc toon? (Not andrea but the toon they release for Sc only) I think scopely forgot to make a sc toon. It was julia then thats it. Actual two sc toons would be bad as I don’t have a job rn and it would be a bitch to get them maxed.

I thought before I got andrea (and before I saw upgrading from vk images) It was gonna be like a league toon. Normal gear at 5 star. League or sc gear at 6 star

I wouldn’t waste comics on any of the collectible boxes since the trade off isn’t worth it at all

As for Harrison it depends on if you have the toons to make him worth having as a lead if you’re going for Priya already and have the toons to make a full ranged attack better than a blue/yellow attack then I’d pass on him

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Im at school and I forgot his lead skill
Dante is lead, wyatt (He’s the only other toon who gets affected),Christa, Shiva, And Charlie.

Im going for raulito cause he’s less.

SC Andrea can still be extremely useful, I still use her regularly on both attack and defense. You can create some really strong teams with her leader skill.

These 3 are not so good, got Morgan through 5 star recruits tested him and was disappointed, Amber is far better for follow up he is good at killing walkers and Survival Road.

My family is busy and my aunt was gon take me eat to out but she wanted to go to bingo instead. Feel a bit sad now. But hey. It’ll get better

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