Spenders vs. Free Players who cries or complains more?

  • Spenders
  • Free Players

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Try to keep it friendly just curious how the community feels about this issue from both sides also feel free to leave professional thoughts and opinions on what each group complains or cries about I.e instas, territories etc.


Gonna have to see free players since there are more of them than spenders in the game and in the forums. But most of the spenders/free players have opposing views on most issues so it’s a little hard to tell. I’m a free player yet I find myself generally unhappy about most of the things spenders are also unhappy about.


It is cool that voting is public lol. Also whales are biggest drama queens, so quality of drama is defintely on spenders. Quantity is relative, it depends on reasons, f2p can only cry if game looks like crap, with bugs and disbalance.


Just do a keyword search of “whales” and “spenders” on the old forum, or even this one, and you’ll see who the cry babies are…

#whales4life #freewilly


Voted “spender”, even though I believe it’s about even. I also feel the spenders have a little more right to do so, since they’re monetarily supporting the game.


Free to play hands down do. #beast :joy:


You’d be surprised by this answer most likely.


Spenders. Big time. The vocal minority.


I think the funny thing is how opposite their complaints are. Spenders complain about all the stuff losing value, free players complain about the value of items purchased by spenders.


I didn’t choose the Salt Life…the Salt Life choose me.


The biggest complaints that make me smh are about rewards. As a spender they are worthless. As a f2p they are much better than even a few months ago.


I’d say that spenders purchase wins lol. I know, I’m one


I believe it is all situational when it comes to "crying

When PTW spends lets say $500 on premium pulls and does not get the premium recruit…is crying acceptable?

When a FTP daily player steps into war aginst a totally PTW faction and has no chance of winning the battle or even placing well in war to get upgrade items to better their team regardless of the fact that they may have did 100+ battles in war and Ultimatly was one of the contributing factors as to why PTW placed so well… is crying acceptable?

If you have polishing kits and tapes that are hard drops but of recent have been made easier to obtain through leveling, but Scopely holds them as virtual gold when pricing the chance of a pull for one of the two at $14.99, but when you craft a weapon you repeaditly get crap…is crying acceptable?


Apparently I can’t write yes,yes,yes because it is not a complete sentence but…

Yes. Yes. Yes.


Very well said


I really cant say who cries more honestly. Theres so much to complain about on both sides! Lol


Depends. If they complain and end up learning from their mistakes, their complaint is acceptable. When they complain, continue repeating the same mistake, then it isn’t.

Then it also boils down to the hypocrisy of situations or hiding their true agenda. Take the recent 6* buff for example. Many of those paying players that complained didn’t really care if the game became unbalanced, they just care that their unbalanced team is now beatable by much more players. The game was very unbalanced way before 6s release, but a lot of unbalanced features were merely available mainly to people who pay. (Eg: Unbalanced RNG weapons available via Premier Cache, overly strong 5s available only via Premier Recruits) When they were the ones who were benefiting, they had no reason to complain.

That’s not to say that having their investment be worthless isn’t a good complaint, but those players hiding their true reasons behind the notion of “unbalanced 6*s” is why I find their complaints petty. They’re complaining more from a subjective reasoning rather than an objective one.

Another good example is the solo LU 1Mil Milestones. More often than not, you can see players complain about the 1Mil milestone being unattainable, despite being very attainable by players. It quickly became a situation of “I can’t get it, so remove it.” Then that issue quickly spun off onto YGL, largely due to reasons of “I can’t get 1Mil because YGL is bugged for me.” While the entire scavenger system needed to be revamped regardless, YGL was targeted much more than the other scavenger missions because that’s what those players really cared about.


as a pure F2P, no complaints for this game.


I believe that the reason 1 million milestones are achievable is due to Scopely welfare for the most part.

I see it as a complaint down the road when all the 5* are used and washed up due to the ascendance process.

When it comes to complaints the underlying reason is not so much of an importance if from the surface you can see issues.


The part I was trying to highlight with the milestone example was that many times, the reasoning of why something is complained about is usually because of a personal issue. While understandable that a personal issue why someone might have grievances with a specific feature, using that personal issue to ruin something that other people liked is, IMO, petty. Even in the far future, if most players can’t get 1Mil milestone, I don’t see the issue of “having the option” rather than “not having the option.”