Spencer "No Way Out" Video


Let’s take a 3 minute look at Spencer “No Way Out”. I hope you enjoy the video!


Nice video, I wish I had that dude


I gave 20% ap boost for offense to get him to pop faster. Command him turn 2 as long as he takes 1 hit, and wipe out 2 toons.


There have been a few I have been wanting to pull for but a certain type of specialist survivor has not appeared yet :wink:


? Which one?

I’m waiting on huge ap lead for greens or blues. We all know what happens then. :wink:


That is a very smart move so you don’t have to sacrifice a 40% lead skill for a ap boost when attacking.


Yeah it ends up 1 ap short since you only get 15 not 16. But he usually gets swiped at. I’m also power hungry so I go in with Dwight lead. Can go south but pays off during war as you can close out most range battles in 3-4 turns.


Very good info to know. I wasn’t sure actually how the rounding would of worked for that since I lack a “AP at the start” weapon.

As for the specialist I am looking for, it is a Hold The Line Blue Survivor. It will complete my current team I have been theory crafting since Dante was released.


Always fills for me, not sure why your ending up 1
Shy. That’s 100% confirmed not being hit.


Hmmmmmmm I left him at 78 ap bwaahhahaha.

Didn’t realize til you posted. Sweet.

Tested with Eric cause Spencer was out on scav. Gained 16 enough to turn 2 with command if you have huge ap atk.