Spencer any good?


I got Spencer from the anniversary pull, my question is, is he any good? Is he better than Erika as a lead for defence? Is he a better than mirabelle for offence? Etc. Where can I place him on a team?


Better than erika. Hell naw. Mira, depends on the situation but I would probably say Spencer is better due to the defense debuff aswell as stun


I think he’s great.

Huge damage and status hit.
Good lead skill and stun removal.


But is he better than Mira for attack?


I use him as lead against reds. Imo he is awesome coupled with double atk rushes or waste not specials, he is amazeballs.

Straight up, his rush should kill all but the tankiest reds if you outfit with atk mods.

Defense down Garantees a second toon will be easily killed that turn

Stun is nice if you have more targets than you can kill

Blue means he can use an ap gun, so ready turn 3 every time

Better than Mirabell… Yes

Can’t compare to Erika, opposite rolls, as such should not be weighted against eachother. Lead on defense, I wouldn’t, tank is king. But I’m sure someone will prove me wrong.


awesome. so my new attack team is: Spencer, erika, dwight, rosita, gov and ty? or mira? thoughts?


Drop Rosita if you have Erika.


why? 2 healers, isnt that good? that way you keep healing? and replace rosita for who? mira?


You said attack team.

And then listed 6 characters, a team has five. Erika does far more than Rosita, and by dropping the latter you can keep the others listed.

Spencer, Erika, Governor, Ty and Dwight.


It’s all about killing fast. If your battles take long enough for your healer to trigger, you’re doing it wrong.


i said 5, ty or mire being the 5th toon


fair enough. so as @Jhermanford said? Spencer Erika Gov ty and dwight?


If you have siddiq I would use him over erika, get your ars going off faster.


Nope, even a counting for either Ty or Mira that’s still six


Spencer, Erika, Ty (decap very important), Dwight, if available Sid if not Gov.


Lmao my head hurts I can’t count lol


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