Speed x3 autoplay delete for War and Raiding

Hi All, special for scopely developers :slight_smile:

Before it, my apologies if my English isn’t good enough.

The x3 speed is very good and helping me so much in the game especially farming at 13-3 (damn alot of 4* weaps in my bag now) :laughing: , but this is ridiculous x3 still active for War, especially when grabbing the Strongholds against walkers. How many players have Alpha and a Nuclear Abe(you know the man who hold kaboom in his shoulder :smile: ) ? And the new Apocalypse blue Michone(my friend said she is the new Apocalypse, not me :stuck_out_tongue:) when used for attacking the camps… oh Man, I love this game since I starting to play 1 year ago, but this x3 is just making me upset, there’s no need skill to play this game and it’s like poor againts rich ppl, oh I’m not being racist in here but now the game is like racist for me… Peace guys and please Delete or inactive the x3 speed when War and Raiding event.

For Colbert players: I love you full from bottom of my ass :stuck_out_tongue:


We waited for ages for 3* and now you want it taken away because it doesn’t suit, get a better tower team or as they say on here get good, stop trying to ruin it for everyone else just cause your not happy.


Why would anyone want to raid the towers manually? Why shouldn’t 3x be an option when your fighting a team you know you cant lose against? I always auto the towers even before 3x and won them 95% of the time. Now with the right setup, I win them 99% of the time. The team matters.

Removing 3x would be a terrible idea. It’s optional use it if you want or not but don’t take it away from the people who do want to use it from any area of the game.


I kind of agree that removing 3x from raids and war is a good idea. It’s takes away the tanky teams. Making tank teams was a legitimate strategy. The Carl/Maggie/Wyatt teams would be much better if 3x wasn’t an option.


You have a good point. For me the problem with 3x is the whales can auto ppl 95% of the time but for a f2p we have to take time over the atk. The overall outcome is that the strongest players can auto most ppl and get in more atks faster than everyone else giving them an even bigger advantage

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3x autospeed is just make us unskill. Imagine we just buy overpower toons and set them up to beat another weakness trait team by just looking at it play themself. I mean, where’s your brain dude? Where’s your fast finger? Where’s the fun? You play or watch the fight? Huh…

And if you care about this game just support to bring the manual back to war and raid events

X3 autoplay is just for farming

Do you feel it?

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I don’t trust auto to start a fight. It’s so awful the AÍ. But I always auto after getting 2-3 toons down. For sure would take me longer especially against the tanky teams if it wasn’t an option.

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Even if there wasn’t a auto debuffers well kill you a wyatt is only tanky if he has a high damge resistance as soon as there defense is gone game over 3x is fine
Problem is you can’t get Og tanky teams back
Because I think abs had taken a silenced nerf it doesn’t seem to even proc on my enimies team anymore is this good not at all
Im going to say this however adapt not every atk you make requires you to hit a toon sometimes defending can be a very valued option
And f2p can auto teams you can auto ranged teams with out winter jesus as long as you got Rick siddiq and connor other 2 toons up to you you have a anti ranged team OK siddiq isnt going to bennidict from Rick lead but he’s blue and command
What needs to be fixed is rewards

Absolute has not been nerfed it’s all rng. It procs constantly when I’m attacking someone with it.

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I move for 10x speed in raid and war. All in favor


Yea I don’t have the most beast team out there, but after I get 3 down I’ll stun 1 and throw it on auto. If you auto the whole thing most of the time the stupid ai is ap gaining and focusing on turn 2 lol… but after I seal the win, auto for sure

Aye. And it doesn’t even take an overpowered team that whales could acquire to take tower quickly. Just have a ranged leader who’s leader skill buffs attack like tough Romanov and have toons who’s rush focuses on multiple walkers. Mirabiker with 56 AP Viktor and Wyatt with line damage takes the tower first at least 9/10 times every battle I’ve been with. And I don’t spend a cent on this game.

I’d happy with x3 speed, like I said “alot 4* weapons now in my bag” because this x3 speed update from server, but I’m just asking it for War and Raid event, especialy taking the Strongholds at War. That’s what I’m saying, and didn’t mean to ruin everyone because of it.

Oh I believe taking towers manually is more challange than x3. Which setup? 2 Alpha? :stuck_out_tongue:
That’s the optional? oh well, use x1 againt x3 auto in war for takin Strongholds, I bet you will never have the Strongholds if using x1 againts x3. I’m just asking for disable x3 when War and Raid events, that’s all. Making this game is more challange.

I feel you, this is just for disable x3 speed in War and Raid Events.

Me too, now theres no winning or defending defense from “Time is running out”, but if x3 speed is disable when Raiding, I’d believe you can win some defense or losing again with “Time is running out” here is the Point if x3 disable from Raiding. :slight_smile: and making this game more challange.

This isnt about the rewards but I admit, the rewards lately if good enough, free Dwight, Rick, Maggie, Vincent, and now Lucas. Also free from ascending toons and this for all.

hahaha… yeah! like ferrari :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup! Ramanov is the one of good toon for grabbing towers, and didnt you realize if x3 disable like the old time? againts my team with 2 Alpha, and I can be miss touching the screen of my phone or you’re the one miss touching “OK” button before attacking the Towers, who’s gonna taking the Towers first? :laughing: Well this is my point to starting this Topic, disable x3 speed from War and Raid like the old time, it could be the best option to make you play longer with this game :slight_smile: more fun and challange.

Yes, faster!

I x3 everything. I love it. Leave x3 alone :stuck_out_tongue:

I want 5x speed!

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