Specific 5* Gear Needed - Night Vision Goggles


Is there anything that be done about the ongoing gear issue? Since the old map was taken away specific gear is farmable at the rate of 5 a week. This is just not enough to keep up especially when certain chars ie Hunters are more common than others. After doing some quick calculating of my roster and gear I worked out I have enough gear to max out every personna except ofc for hunters. By my count I need 60 NVG to max all my hunters but currently have a measly 1. At the rate of a 5 a week it will take 3 months to get enough - presumably within that next 3 months I will pull more hunter chars and be even further behind. Can we pretty pretty please do something about this?

I use hunter as an example but we need better access to all this ultra rare gear - the gear map / supply depot just not doing it right now.


Learn how to play it properly, play everyday, use natural energy, use the gear depot properly and get over it, we are all in the same boat bit we manage.


One reason they brought out the gear part in the supply depot. Plus even if you dont need it just do the map anyways. Outside of that who knows if it will ever change back


i was in the same position with waist toolpacks a few weeks ago, just keep doing the gear roadmap and buying NVG’s from the depot and you’ll eventually have more than enough


Isn’t it only 4 a week ?

I get one Monday night, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but never on a Friday


Yea its 4 times a week.


You’re going to have to prioritize which hunters you level and ascend. The old gear map isn’t coming back we have to adapt to the new way we get gear.


You can buy them in the gear depot plus the roadmap on weekdays. You can get 4 of each gear from the roadmap a week, plus whatever you have in your gear depot. I can’t stop getting them in my depot.


I have the opposite problem. Maps. This game not only keeps giving me mostly melee toons (possibly a sign that I should ascend Vincent right away) but leaders as well. AOW Rick, Command Morgan, Kelly. And I still have Kenny, SBB Ty, SR Zeke, and of course, Rick.

Going off-topic for a second, should I go for Vincent? I want Rick as a hard-hitting toon for Andrea and Ty teams but with Wyatt and Morgan, I’m thinking of having more options.


I’m in the same boat. I’ve been out of NVG’s consistently for a while and do anything I can to get them. I have plenty of the other gear and even sell them for points to get more NVG when I can lol


I’m in the same boat as you. I’m working on 7 ascendables right now… Dwight, 2 ty, 2 shiva and 2 gov’s… guess what… they’re all hunters lol. I haven’t seen nvg’s in my gear depot in over a week. But scopes, which I have 74 of, are in there every single day. I think raise the amount of gear we can buy from 1 to 3.