Specialized trainers do not level up Adrenaline Rush


Player Name: BORIME4KA
Faction: Corpse Ticklers
Region: McCormick
Device: Samsung Galaxy S7
OS Version: latest
What were you doing immediately before encountering the bug?
Acquire specialized trainer, such as Tough trainer.
Try to upgrade the relevant character, i.e. tough character.
You only get +1500 exp for 2-star trainer and no level up in Adrenaline Rush.
Does the bug occur every time? yes but you can use trainer just once.
If it occurs every time, what are the steps you take to make the bug occur? see above


Do you know what Liliths are? Trait trainers are only for Active Skill, not Ar


Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you mean active skill not adrenaline.


Lol are you new to the game. If your saying the active skill is not levelling then it could be a big but never heard of this before. But if your saying AR is levelling then you your understanding of the trainer’s is flawed. Only Lillith and Aden can boost the AR of your 6*


You can also accidentally level a six stars’ AR with another six star so lock your toons. I can’t understand why this feature exists other than to upset somebody.


With all the dupe anniversary pulls I’m glad of this feature. My mountain of Zeke’s and jessies has been used purely as Lilith’s this week


It will only work on 6 star characters


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