Specialist skill... Hijack

When enemy tries to AR… a better chance to hijack enemy’s AR and confuses them and use it on thier own teammates. @JB.Scopely


how bout no



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People are saying no because this would be a pay to win skill.

But secretly I kinda like it.

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A lot of ARs already include helping your own teammates (buffs, heals, revives).

Defensive toon… the offense would use alot of damage ar’s

So it would do the opposite. Instead of Erika using her rush on their team it would do it on your own

I would prefer a neutralise 2 which when there ap is at 90% or what ever it is it takes 25% of that characters ap and impairs that character for one turn

I’m sure the developers of scopely are skilled… They know what damage ar and buff ar’s entail. If it’s a damage… It would be on opposite side … if heal/buff it would be on your team

It would be a great addition to the specialist skills

Terrible idea. It’s not like Defenses aren’t already cemented with stupid overpowered gameplay mechanics. The only thing out there that makes a difference on offense atm is Disarm and having absolutely no way to replace or counter it, regardless if used on of or def. Bring back the balance before trying to add more imbalance to it.

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