Special weapon on 6*

Scopely why every p2p new toon in game have specialist weapon but f2p characters dont have?

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Rosita wyatt princess or Bryan depening who you picked there. their their just crappy weapons

Because the toons - like the players - paid for them

erika doesnt

Why would you want bound weapons?


95% of bound weapons are trash, there have been premiers I’d have pulled for if they didnt have a bound weapon. To much hassle and rng to try and get the correct 3rd stat mod on them

Yep bound weapons are total crap unless it already has stun, impair, ab def, or ap down on it along with a 30% att, def, or hp stat.

Why would anyone want to have to waste more time with Earl and Scipley rng when you can just use one of your already crafted weapons? What’s that you don’t have a full set of decent weapons? Well, get to work then. :smirk:

Merry Christmas everyone! (except Earl…nothing but coal for him)

I disagree with the many who say bound weapons are trash. Any toon with lacerater, absolute, stun, burn etc. the list goes on with many really good toons with bound weapons. Lydia, any of the shiva’s, naya, shield Jesus, blue michonne, Konrad, Bryan just to name a few

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