Special territories

Could we get the special territories back! Maybe for this weekend? I would like to use some of these territory cans I have piled up!!


No thanks! Fix territory crashing then hell yea bring them back as i miss the territory wars that used to happen before leagues came along


Well people added teams before leagues now people are just league trophy hunters…it crashed as well before leagues…leagues just made more white areas.

What sucks about free lilliths and Ulysses?

The crashing has got worse as time goes by and holding a territory for 24 hours for 1 lilth sucks with all the crashing and with leagues it would be better to not hold one and feeding yourself league points by attacking one. In theory this was a cool event and could be something to replace the stale events we have every week but other things need to be fixed first to make this enjoyable, alsi if you are not a top rank fac, you wont be getting those territories, its more of a battle of the bandwidth for those and most the whales use bluestacks so they have a better connection.

It could be fun and something to put in place of sr or raids or a level up and give us a break now and then but this is scopely and it will be constant crashing, the whales getting and holding it and only 2 or 3 will ooen at a time, when this forst came about in my old region then number 1 whale fac would hold 2 sometimes all 3

Can be fun but scopes wont allow that

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