Special territories please? (Plural)

Soo. Alot of people ive spoken to are are running low on beads, torches, falling short on red cakes all the time, need more collection items and sitting on a billion territory refills (because they have been given to us for so long with no reason to use them).

Fancy opening up MULTIPLE territories again with some collection items and even other useful items like torches for the roadmaps? Please?

Key word : multiple.

*multiple meaning more than one; more than two; many; a variety; several. Preferably all. Thanks !


Agree only got 200 beads left and 120 torches

What do we use beads and torches for primarily… Collectables. Why not just completely cut out the middle man and run all territories with collectable items?


I agree, they put only one territory and only the strongest faction in my region benefited, all other factions were losing.
And when it was released several territories was great for all factions, we even made a combination of not attacking, each faction got their territory and all won.


I’m in a top faction and we made a deal when that one territory opened that we would hold it for 12 hours then the other top faction took over afterwards, worked out great but it still fucked over the other factions which is fucked

We fight to hold them. And now no more energy refills in our top 1 faction lol

with only one territory only the top 1 faction will win, in many regions there is a very large distance from top 1 to top 2
My faction is top 3 and I have to recruit new players because the best players stopped playing and the ones left were in the top 1, and novice players don’t have the resources to take and maintain a territory

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bogus system

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