Special Territories Events

Im sure this may have been brought before. But im wondering why exactly is it that the territory event is the only one that we dont have any posts ahead of time telling us how many will open and what rewards will be available?. Each and every time they had this event comes around its a guessing game.

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There is neither a suggestion nor feedback in your post.

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To prevent whales from planning out which ones they going to take. It takes the upperhand out & gives everyone an equal chance at terries. Otherwise they are going to organize a synchronized attack to gobble up 3-4 terries leaving the scrum for the rest of you. Iā€™d rather not know and leave it to chance.

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Well i get that yeah. But not all regions have whales. Im in the the #1 faction in my region. No whales here.

That makes you the whale ā€¦


What region are you in??? Asking for a friend

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