Special stat weapons crafting - pvp vs pve


Curious if these weapon stats are all functional pvp or if some only functional in pve. I heard for example the party healing, fast trait, didn’t fire in a raid (pvp).

Any of you OG Crafters happen to know which are which if any? Thanks in advance!

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If it says “each wave” it will not benefit you in PvP after the initial proc at the start as there are no waves in raids. So on PvP, Raider 3 for fast and tough will proc right at the beginning but will not benefit you again. Slayer 3 for fast will never proc because there is no healing needed at the start.


All are pve and pvp

And @Opie has the waves covered

Nothing else to see here folks.


Okay that makes sense thank you!

I was considering a round as a wave but i see the raid is just one wave so it makes sense now

This cleared a few things for me too. No wonder my weapon wasnt working.

Hate to admit it, but pve?

Player vs environment. Roadmaps, faction assault, world stages, SR.

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Thank you!

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