Special one day Sr Event

I was thinking the other day about how disappointing the Xmas event was this year. The one day SR was a washout when you have to pay to finish.

I think a better method as a one off would be to give you a exactly the right amount of energy to finish Sr. If you fail a level then you have to buy a can - no natural energy refills.

This would reward players for playing but add a new dimension and tension to every level as well as rewarding players who want to finish. Weaker players can replay the lower levels but still maybe get 2 completion milestones.

What do we think?

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Dude I needs SOME sleep.


What you aren’t factoring in is that to compete in the tourney people have to keep playing past completion for points so this method would force the tourney to be p2w after sr completion. Imo sr tourneys should never be 24 hours long because it doesnt allow people to have work or other life events and requires you to wake up every 2 hours to use natural e (I understand you are posting a method to change that but I’ve pointed out why that method is flawed). I personally dislike sr tourney as it is very time consuming for f2p who want to compete and honestly just feels like a chore.


The idea is that f2p players can reach the end. You could sit and play through that in a couple of hours. No need to miss sleep… You get all your energy at once (125e?) You’d have to pay to win the leader board but f2p players like myself would not have even completed the stages in 24 hours. Paying players compete on the leader board. F2p players complete the stages. Something for everyone

The 24 hour Survival Road events are among one of the worst things in this game

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