Special Offers, Good Deal Bad Deal



i just saw these two special deals, are they good or bad? these are in cdn currency by the way…



Super good


Amazing offers even since these 2 are almost the base of every melee/ranged teams


Mirabelle is still one of the best “F2P” (although, technically, the moment you buy this offer you are no longer F2P) leaders in the game.

Carl is good on defence, but strangely every runs him with stun on attack rather than AP down which means he is basically a modern era 5 star Morgan (read, a punching bag who charges AR with little consequence if he rushes). That’s not to say he can’t be used to build some tough teams, I have a well tuned Carl team which does pretty well on defence.


Good if you don’t already have them, but for those with a bit of spare money, multi Mira teams will be a thing. More of a thing than they already are. Stun for days.


Ehm no. With the right toons you can autoplay all the whole carl lead defs if you use him for heal only.


Sorry, which aspect of my post is your vague rebuttal disagreeing with?


I think it’s a good deal if you don’t already have them. Both have eluded me for quite some time, so I broke my no spending spree to drop $10 this one time.


man, tier-2 of Miraboob in black tights is freaking sexy.

i’m just saying…


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