Special Offers 1-4


Does anyone have the final offer?
I forgot to screenshot the 2nd. But have 1 and 3.


now that ppl get coins as rewards, etc., Scopley wants them. Don’t fall for this




Was curious about it myself.



Here’s 2 as well:


That was anti-climatic tbh but the value they were asking was meh. Ofc, we’d get meh. Thanks mate for letting us know.


special 4 is the last one?


375,ooo mod scrap… I’ll take 2, thanks :raised_hands::raised_hands:


over half a mill scraps if you get up to 4. wow.


I got the first 3 offers. I’m chronically low on Lilths and the main team I use still has characters that don’t have their rush maxed. I was happy to finally see a way to get some without gambling on a mystery bag. I’m happy to spend some of my reward coins if they have things I want without a layer of rng.


Correct :+1:


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