Special gear in league store

Is special gear in league store will change in next season or this gear will be for all league chr?

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I believe it is unknown at this point but would be very dirty of Scopely to change it.


Question is it possible to skip tiers in the league I’m now bronze 2 cause I just started playing again and id like to get higher for better gear.

The current gear appeared in our inventory quite a long time before we could buy it in the store. Therefore you could take the lack of other gear appearing in our inventory as a sign it won’t change each season.

But that would still be an assumption…


I’m still trying to figure out why they did this stupid special gear nonsense in the first place. So far I have bought every toon in the season store until now. I just don’t see the point with having to waste all my trophies on special gear for toons that may or may not have an impact on my teams.

Why take the gamble with the normal gear being so hard to come by now. I would rather use my league trophies to buy the standard gear that works with every other toon.


Yea this one makes no sense to me. Other than players coined the store to get the gear faster. But it’s not like players can buy league tokens so making us waste them when there already is a gear shortage is a poor decision. Oh well.


That is very fair reasoning. Sadly we can’t take it at face value.

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