Spanish Clan Moves to EN Region?!


Why would a clan that only communicates in Spanish move to an EN region? The people here are irritated with the endless spam in GC in Spanish and now the clans are considering a mass move to a new region to get away from this. In essence this seems to be a new form of harassment / trolling. I have no issues with other nationalities and have Spanish, Argentine and Mexican friends. Simply put though, why do this and why would Scopely allow this?


Note this is Edgefield. We just opened for transfers.


It happened after transfers became a thing. Go to bulloch. English region turned Russian.

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Because keeping them separate would be segregation, and that’s not cool. They are probably annoyed by your constant English posts.


It’s separation by language… not segregation. Scopely assigns a language to the region when created. This is to allow for effective communication. Please use common sense (if you can).


Ok then that’s discrimination


No, it’s trolling. No one understands what they are saying and they have faction chat to communicate. There is no need to spam GC.


Just for you

And i speak fluent Spanish and English so should i only be in a Spanish region or a English region?
Why would u need constant communication with an opposing faction?

But guess what? Don’t like it, just move then like they did.


It’s not spam, they are talking in global chat

You have your own faction chat too btw

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And I speak German but don’t spam GC with a language no one else on the server speaks. Keep on trolling posts and being obtuse. I will ignore what you have to say because it is not to the point and obtuse.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( UDHR ) is a historic document that was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly at its third session on 10 December 1948.

Article 19 of the UDHR states that individuals have the right to freedom of expression, including the right to choose any language as the medium of expression.

Linguistic rights are human rights. I feel linguistic rights should be respected, and I firmly believe players should be able to communicate in any language on global chat.


I made a post about this b4. Happen in my region too, it’s kinda annoying cus you’re in a english region and u expect english speaking people idk though y people don’t respect this



As the wise Rodney King once said, “Can’t we all just get along?”


this is just forms of hate actions to others that have a different native languages why do you have the issues with it maybe you can learn things from them or maybe you just will be happy with white english only region do not forget to put on your head your maga hats


Unfortunately, TOS has a clause(VII) that supercedes all other jurisdictions or authorities.


Yeah pretty much dude it’s their platform they can censor whatever they want haha just like anything that lady geek disagrees with that post will magically disappear.


Is this for real? There’s a block button so you don’t see their GC messages. There’s people from all over the world in our region. Edgefield has been begging for transfers, well there ya go.

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Am I the only one here hoping a German or Russian squads jumps into this guys region now?


Maybe ask your friends to build a wall in GC but make sure to ask this spanish faction to pay for it, that will make you more popular with your friends and … wait some way this sound familiar just dont remember …:thinking::rofl:


Better than the Russians who move in and steal tournament prizes.