Spanish and Russian users crashing/stuck loading in Faction Boss combat

Hi, all

There’s been an issue where if either a medium boss or Negan resisted an effect in Faction Assault, the game would either get stuck with a loading animation (wasn’t able to repro this scenario, but I believe it’s the same thing) or crash the game. An overlay fix has been applied to resolve the issue, and users on both Russian and Spanish should be able to play Faction Assault without experiencing this issue any further, once they’ve downloaded the small content change.



Thanks for getting this fixed, a third of my faction are Russian players and they had told us they were having this problem.

Thank you once again

Thank you. We are (were) affected by this issue. Waiting for iOS to update.

Someone get stuck since de get this response.I dont want to start a faction assault until I know it works good, because the last one I played I get stuck un 11 of my 12 attacks

So I believe I’m having the same issue but I’m from the eastern part of America. Is there anything I can do to stop the “receiving the faction results?”

That’s a different issue. Contact support. They should be able to help you