Spam on global chat

On the global chat in Talladega region, since 3-4 days, there is a user/bot Admin always posting this message: every user gets 6000 coins for free. I know! I can block it. But I think that should never happen in the first place.

Scop, can you do something… please :pray:


How can they? You’re just gonna have to keep blocking the spammers yourself. This occurs in every online game that has a chat function.

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No, it’s not. Did you not see the thread where someone got them to break character and speak to them?

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tbf if it wasn’t for the admin you’re global chat would be fkn empty.

And don’t be so quick to dismiss everything you read with no proof either, dude.

Either way, it’s funny and who gives a crap. You cant stop people from spamming public forums in games. Bot or not.

Fus Ro Dah and all that crap.

No offence but you could block this type of spam easily, simply put a level cap to post in global, make this around level 30 (except for new regions) this type of level cap would cut alot of the problems as they can’t get banned and simply create a new account immediately


I really don’t see the point. Block the spammer if you don’t like what you see. It’s why I avoid global to begin with. Nothing ever good comes from looking at it. Every MMO and online game has these problems. There are far worse things going on in the game right now. Non-issue here.

I just wanted to make a Skyrim joke. :grin:

It’s all good.


How did you forget about this iconic moment from the game? :rofl:

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It’s not a major issue unless someone loses their account to it, I kinda wouldn’t feel to bad about it but getting rid of racist trolls or etc that seem to appear at Crw would be nice as well, it also wouldn’t be that hard a fix

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I’m all for that and I’m gonna add all the perverts to that list too.

I know but I was just curious to see if there was another way to stop that.

trolls are the people that chat most in my region GC. Now that I have 15 of them blocked, GC is almost like a ghost town. 15 people that run GC and if they don’t like you they will gang up on you and try to run you out.

does… does the website work…

haha jk

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It gave me 6000 viruses so it technically works


Have had the same problem in long region. Have been blocking them too and they always manage (admin) to come up.

But does it tho…?

We have that Admin guy on my Burke region too

Lol admin strikes again if they are a real player they are very active there in chatta too haha

Them admins gotta make a living too ya know

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