Spalding winners of TOC RD 1

So medium region Spalding won TOC against Cherokee… Won legit I may add… No alt factions… No stalling… We have Lee next round (endgame & wtf) can someone who faced them please let us know how it went?.. Been told they we’re the only 2 factions in que… But hard to believe coz they we’re losing at one point… I have no motivation to spend that weekend against them scoring 400 points per war… It’ll be awful.


Amazing job by Spalding !!

Endgame pretty much had the entire Lee region stop warring so it was basically all of Madison versus Endgame and WTF.

Have fun next weekend !!


Wow that’s just sad!! I think I’ll probably take the weekend off tbh… I’m not about to waste my time on that shit. But thank you :slight_smile:

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Also more fool the people of Lee for doing what them factions want… Very poor

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Didn’t Skopelie bänned a couple people of WTF few weeks ago? :joy:

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Yeah !! Wasn’t it about 8 ppl :joy::joy::joy: we teach hacking more like… Soooo lame

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The double standard here is impressive. I’m not in Endgame or Lee region but I’m in Madison region and all over their global they had agreed to stop warring within hours. In fact, a couple factions had everyone demoted so they couldn’t start war.

Again, the structure of this event has created a toxic environment and we continue to squabble against ourselves.


The game has come to a point where no part is longer enjoyable, not even war anymore. I see whats happening, I know why and I am truly afraid that it works.

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Just take a look how this one guy from the Lee region yesterday behaved in one of the pinned war postings. :joy: This says all that a handful of people take this game way too seriously. I feel sorry for the people in Spalding, and at the same time thankful since my faction transferred to a more peaceful region.

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I read it all, that guy is a fool. But he represents himself and himself only (maybe WTF too, idk)

you could try a regional strategy like lee did… everybody went into this thing thinking one thing and got another… some adjust and adapt… some whine in the forums

If you only have six factions and no whale factions, you should be happy to be in round 2. As far as it being unfair to play against EG, I mean that’s what a tournament is supposed to be. Congrats on winning this weekend!

I agree with this. 1v1 CRW are not a good experience since the whole region can decide to AFK to prevent points.

Region tournaments simply do not work. The reason why there isn’t feeding of baby facs in regular crw is because the region prizes are so terrible and nobody can be bothered to create and run minis in order to boost their region scores.

If it was a tournament with four regions, some players would still be using baby factions to run up region score.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely the minimum level to war needs to be increased, if not permantly, then at least for the duration of this “tournament”.


Play them at their own game.

If none of your region sign up for war then it will be 0 - 0 so premusambly go to penalties or toss of a coin.

If they play silly boogers for what is supposed to be a fun mobile game, they deserve it.

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No disrespect but if you can’t beat someone why would a faction think they derserve to advance…I don’t understand the sense in wanting to win but can’t be the faction you need to beat?

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My region have decided to play as we did at the weekend. Least we can hold our heads high… I myself don’t think am gonna take part… But we’ll see… Thank you for the good luck comments

We could… But we don’t have a whale mind… We want to play fairly… I can’t speak for the whole region but no1 is happy about facing them… But it is what it is…

You come off like you’re whining in every thread you’ve posted in about this. What exactly is the point you’re trying to make? You most likely won’t be able to beat either of their top factions anyways, where as in this past round you were more fairly matched with a German region.
Its just how it goes, complaining about it isn’t going to change anything, so play the way you want, stay on your moral high horse and “hold your head high” as you put it.

you dont need to beat end game or wtf to go through, just have less region activity and you make it. take whitfield for example matching bell.