Spaces Open within a competitive faction

6 spaces free within a competitive faction, typically 1st in all faction events and top 10 in CRW.

We’ve been loyal to some players for a long time who wish to drop down in competition and therefore will have 6 spaces free, ideally a mixture of night and day shift players.

Typical minimums, focused on activity as our team builders can really support your growth as a player.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further details.

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You will probably get more interest if you state the Wave you are in as that will automatically exclude some people.



DD is in my faction, the narrative fit with what we have (wanted to merge with the 2nd best to form a super-faction and a sister faction for a little less stressful, but still contending for top10). Checked out his forum profile to confirm :slight_smile:

Faction is “Hammerhead”, we’re in Cleburne, which should be wave2.

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I know hammerhead

Yep, we warred against Svarog a couple times :wink:

How do you i am from Svarog?

You have it in your forum profile. It’s in azbuka, but I can read the characters. (Don’t know enough words to translate a sentence, but might understand a bit, since I am also Slavic)

When we were matched against you in war, I thought it was “svagor”, which is reminiscent of “brother-in-law” in my language, though it would have been probably written with the uu letter.

You have one player who i really dont like

Based on his demeanor or his war defense? I hope the latter, since we’re a good bunch of folks - I don’t recall anyone misbehaving except an occasional rant in global chat because of territories (guilty of losing patience myself in that regard, though I kept my rant relatively polite, albeit somewhat sardonic)

I may be interested, looking to transfer from my wave 2B region to a more active wave 2 faction.
Slight cold feet because placing in solo events is sooo easy in a low activity region.
I would dm poster but I value and respect your input as a long-time forum contributor, YSpammer.

I am not a solo pusher, honestly… I generally settle for the 50-250 tier and enjoy the rank1 faction rewards.

Though I could easily burn XP for some 6-7M in a solo time to time (7-10M needed for the top spot), I prefer hitting 1.4M in the SLUTs and save 5M for FLU. Raids are now (26.5h before end) 4k+ for top10 and 13k for top rank - finals are easily 7k for top10 and 30k+ for top…

If you need to know more, feel free to DM Daryl, he’s better at recruiting tham I am :wink: I just enjoy playing

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