Sort your elite gear roadmaps out scopely


This will be the umpteenth time ive posted about this BUT the elite rare gear roadmap isnt working as intended

with the ultra rare we can use 1 drop leader no ally and get a crate. we can get crates using salvage tokens, in fact theres probably a 2% chance you WONT get a crate on one of the last 2 stages of that roadmap

but on the elite its not working, basically you have a 5% chance of getting a crate with 1 drop leader and no ally, so basically we can only farm these stages around 29 x 2 (possibly 3) times over

i like to get a load of crates and hope for the best but this style of rng hinders any kind of replay-ability and pushes against doing better in level ups when you need a certain type of gear (which is always choke holded in the crates/inventory page)

Sort it out, only been on about this since the 1st week it was released and still absolutely no comment or feedback from the company


incoming nerf to ultra gear drops…


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