"Sorry for the Inconvenience" bags arent correct



This made my night


They screwed up the comp for the screw up.
This is frick’n hilarious but not surprising!


Maybe the compensation for the compensation will be something cool and bugged


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: (complete sentence)

Garbage and amateurs

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Close the game scumply stumply


A full mess, to put it lightly.

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Umm ooofffff stop drinking or smoking and make somethinngggg or just go fk urself with this bs . I mean how tf can any company fk up with compensation for fk up . Please just say that u close this game and u dont give a fuk , normal ppl would do that so dont make a joke of any of ur employees and most of all those who “run” twd rts . Rick Grimes gonna get ya for those dirty deeds …

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Check offers…correct one is there




It’s not April 1st, please tell the team to stop with the jokes,


But it’s 2 survivors!!
It changes everything.

The correct choice box has now been sent out.

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For everyone, or just those who opened those crates, GR?
Just asking because for me it’s still the wrong choice box and I haven’t received the correct one just yet.

Scopely are master trolls. There’s no way they’re this inept :rofl:

It’s in the shop offers. Says something like twd.

Thanks, bud. Just popped up for me, too! :slight_smile:

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We will let you give it another go how about that just with first place rewards this time round

So you screw up, you sent a compensation that you screw up agan and send another compensation. Seems you are on top of everything. :slight_smile:

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