Sorry, but this one is going to be a whine post

I feel awful. We are a mid faction that got to the top, mostly because others left but we’ve been together no matter what. CRW and AOW both are depressing for us, especially this one.
time-out teams are out of control, way too many revives, defence-oriented towers, hackers getting their accounts back (top faction member was banned and erased form leaderboards - boom, he’s back even stronger on a new account, rocking top tiered Pam. Even being third faction on a region won’t get us a 5* ascendable, it’s somewhat fair I guess, since only 1st should get the best reward. (why not give them 6* though? and asc 5* to others in top 3-5?).

@JB.Scopely, imho players are most willing to pay and to play when there’s goal, a hope. Hacks and poor rewards structure taken our hope away. Stash is decent thing to prevent dupes, but it’s 6 days long, why?

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