Sorry, but this is going to be another whine post

I feel awful. We are a mid faction that got to the top, mostly because others left but we’ve been together no matter what. CRW and AOW both are depressing for us, especially this one.
time-out teams are out of control, way too many revives, defence-oriented towers, hackers getting their accounts back (top faction member was b a n n e d and e r a s e d form leaderboards - boom, he’s back even stronger on a new account, rocking top tiered Pam. Even being third faction on a region won’t get us a 5* ascendable, it’s somewhat fair I guess, since only 1st should get the best reward. (why not give them 6* though? and asc 5* to others in top 3-5?).

@JB.Scopely, imho players are most willing to pay and to play when there’s goal, a hope. Hacks and poor rewards structure taken our hope away. Stash is decent thing to prevent dupes, but current one is only 6 days long, why?


If you cannot beat, be better, you defo not being a top faction then.

At least you are honest about it.

L2R, we are top only cuz those who were between us and top left. We should get better, that’s for sure, but how can you compete with hackers that intantly get a new premier to lvl 90 on a new acc? how can you compete, when the only toons you get are mediocre most of the time. Tbh I like the tendency of fiiling up the game with more toons, I can now see erika and koa here and there on f2p teams, but it’s so random and shit so it’s not enough. I think Scopes had done enough to drew the line between f2p and p2p, let’s focus on the content now? Leauges are cool and rewards are nice, something more like that and choose your side events. We need something to reach for in order to get better. I don’t want to spend my time/coins just for supply depot points if current stash got closed and I didn’t have enough tokens in the end of it because some b a n n e d dude stole the first places everywhere.


thanks dude

Also, you guys invented a stash, it’s awesome. Every wheel except the premiers ones MUST be staches, ain’t no bullshit stuff like decreased dupes rate, a STASH. It’s a ready-to-go solution, you can implement it the next time you’re about to change wheels.

P.S. Your war stash sucks because it’s rng prize in the end once again, we want some certainty, like CARL IN THE MUSEUM type of certainty.

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