Sophia! The Self Sustain, Team Disrupting and Armor Shredder Video


A Cherokee Rose… Will always be for our little one Sophia… but she’s back and pissed off and now she has a gun! All I ask is we don’t get another “Look at the flowers” scene with her being the you know what, getting the you know, from the you know who.

Here we have Sophia making her way into the 6* scene and allowing your team to chew through some tanky survivors as well as holding her own when it comes to keeping herself alive.

Let’s talk about her.

What do you all think of Sophia? Are you going to pull for her? If you did, did you get her or someone else?


How do u get a military shotgun with impair and 30 hp and only 1 craft? Hmm


It’s video edited :stuck_out_tongue: . Was just to showing what to go for.


Well, finally! My Lee finally has someone who he can counter pretty well with his Active Skill. Sweet!


Its only 1 turn of confuse. Using lee’s active would be a waste of a turn.