Sooooooooooo sick of weapon failures!

I have yet to get even a regular stun gun, well over 30 tries with crit territories, what gives?!? And I have a cookie for whoever says “■■■■■■■” first


Wow they censored get gud??? Lmao

Sadly I have kinda resorted to targeting toons with good bound weapons :confused:

I got two rampages back to back keep the faith.

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It took over a year for me to get stun on red or green weps.

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Leaky bucket is the answer

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I’m quite sure that Crafting is just like Toon Pulls, Mods Pulls, Mod Levels and everything else in this game that’s supposedly “RNG”.
It’s already been Predetermined by your Account Code aka you got a Turd Filled colander for a bucket, just like me :joy:


At one point I had 5 green stuns and 0 red and probably was trying for reds 3x as much

I’m able to get good success on double attack and red stun, but haven’t got a single 8% to AP despite numerous attempts over the past 6 months, unless it has been a bound weapon then it comes pretty easily.

I have not hit a crit yet with the new armory. Kind of done with weapons

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Armory is such a broken feature. Nothing should ever by completely RNG. There’s no reason players should be running around with 2-3 rampage weapons when others can’t get one and both players are doing the exact same thing. After X number of fails, you should be able to get the crit.


I remember feeling this way about alert stun guns. Took a year plus to finally land one it was ridiculous.

Rampage was just a stupid choice on Scopely’s part, way too powerful.

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It is just to pressure the lucky vs the not lucky whales. I wouldnt be shocked if they are making as much money off people coining weapons as they are off characters right now.

And who knows how well some of this works like magnified strikes looks ok on paper but does the damage buff apply to rushes? Guinea pigging at the cost of these weapons is foolish so have to wait on some sucker to luck into some stuff or get hosed by chasing something that is crap.

Thats the maim one? Seemed meh to me on paper if so

Edit: ah its to accompany strong stun. Sounds good to me for attack :woman_shrugging:

Im put 5 turns zacary gun and the 5 has failed,its joke the arsenal its too bad now

Can’t coin varnish

When yellow teams were everywhere it took me forever to get an 8% AP weapon, but my ranged weapons seemed to get crit results every time.

Now I need more stun guns for a red team I can’t get one, I’ve been trying for a couple of months. Maybe I’m just generally unlucky but it definitely feels like the game is rigged against me a lot of the time.

Took well overs 100 tries to get my 1st stun gun now I have 10. It’s all about luck sir

Not crafted for a while, don’t have any 5* tokens etc

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