Soooooo when are we gettin a new 6*


Seriously scopley this is getting really tedious, how is it taking you so long to release more of them? This boring event spread over 40 days keeping you all busy. Youre losing players daily now so you really need to get a move on


New “A New Threat” Governor dropping n the premier recruits section soon!

I also assume that the war prize may be a 6* who is an existing character (similar to Siddiq)

But I agree with the sentiment, the roll out is too slow


The first prize will be ascendable gator !


Flagged for offensive beliefs about the event, and non-constructive. :joy::+1:


Shane has already stated war prizes are non assendable 5 stars


Did she?

Fuck. Useless


Exactly, why hold them back?


the game wont last another year the way its going.


2018 HAHAH game is fucked…
so guys want a 6? need pull for it for another 3+ months


Exactly wtf? Why does it take another 2 month?



Yeah, thank, i’d seen that list. Already been working on some of them in anticipation.

I’m just pissed at the news war won’t be delivering an ascendable character. Might as well be a bloody benedict then for all I care


I’m looking for where I read non assendable and can’t find it, so fingers crossed I’m wrong or it’s been changed


I find it hilarious and sad that $$$$$$ 6* are now considered “content” and “part of an event”

How is that in any way “PLAYER FIRST DESIGN?”


This is the war prize list, it only refers to “5 Star Recruit”, no mention of if it is ascendable or not.


Yeah, the other thing to consider is, siddiq wasn’t ascendable either… until he was