Sooooo maintenance

You guys scheduled maintenance one hour after the new event is scheduled to start :joy::joy::joy: broooo who is planning this @JB.Scopely I’m literally laughing out loud


I’m dead :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Event starts tonight at 7 EST
Maintenance starts tomorrow at 8 EST
25 hours = 1 hour apparently


Oh my bad for some reason I was thinking it was Wednesday :joy: sorry I’m off my meds

it would be all scopely if the maintanance would start 1 hour after an event start, lol.

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Apparently JB has a time machine to travel back in time for 14 days.


They turned a new page and are giving us a year’s advance notice lol

They updated their TOS , now they are accessing more of our personal data .
And soon your/our data will be for sell to a third par…
And you can’t say no. Cause you already signed your contract with the devil .
Hope this will help to clear why there is a maintenance now.


They can access all my porn i have and sell it to a 3rd party idgaf lol

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Right lol

Well faction event started at 7pm est. But onslaught is supposed to start at 8pm on wed… Same time the maintenance starts lmao

I’ll make sure to not participate in lame ass onslaught.

Jokes on them. I’m not real and neither is my data. :smirk:


Anyone care to guess if this maintenance is more likely to fix bugs like blue Morgan and 2* buffs and the Darlington war score, or if it will just bombard players with more offers? I know where my $ lies…

Are you from Germany?

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