Sooooo, about that Solo Level up?

I get it. A lot of people are tired of all the level ups. To be accurate, we’re tired of the lousy prizes lol. I doubt anybody would care about the frequency of level ups if the rewards were any good.

As far as my original question … are we still getting the solo LU on the calendar? We have players that have toons stuck in scavenger camp missions. Come on Scopely, get your stuff together.



Honestly, they can keep giving me tokens. Might as well save them up since all I get is non-ascendables. If anything, I’ll blow them all when I have someone I want to ascend. I noticed that I get a bunch of fast toons so I know I won’t be getting one from tokens.

@kalishane , any chance we could get a definitive answer on this topic? I was skeptical when I saw that a solo level was on a Friday anyways, but it would be awesome to know one way or the other.

As I said in the OP, we have lots of players that need to make decisions with their toons and XP scavenger missions … and with War on the horizon, Time is a factor.


Why do we keep trying to get her to comment on anything? She never does. We got a better shot at an answer from @discobot fortune.

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:crystal_ball: Ask again later


Crazy how she came on here and was all about being active and available to us and now she is in hiding.

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She’s not totally hiding she posted the war rewards for this weekend. Total letdown no connection to RTP

Because the paycheck is the same either way so it looks like why bother.


But I am willing to bet both of my posts get deleted.


It’s so damn frustrating. Sometimes I feel like I’d get more transparency out of the CIA … if you can’t even answer the simplest of questions, what’s the point of being here??

They should do 12 hour back to back to back to back LUs, so I can see people complain about not hitting milestones while I sit back and level up 1*s for top 1000.

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Nah, this isn’t even about that topic. I don’t care if we get more level ups or less at this point. I just know that we had one solo cancelled already this week, and now it’s looking like another one (based on Scopely’s own calendar!!) won’t occur.

And even still, idgaf lol. Cancel it. Don’t cancel it. Just let people know! We do make decisions with toons based on the calendar …

I’m not even sure what you’re looking for. You’re asking for comment from Scopely, they did…it’s on the calendar.

Which is subject to change and it frequently does. Wed was supposed to be a solo level up. I never get a 100k so I now have had one sitting waiting to be cashed in since tue.

I posted this in another thread 3 days ago. So mon night it was still a solo level up. I could have used the 100k on 4 stars if I had known they were gonna change it the same day it was scheduled.

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It was a half joke comment(Half because I would kinda enjoy it too.), so don’t take it seriously.

I just accidentally collected my 100k mission. 400k level up points down the drain and of course my 100k is now m.i.a. never to be seen again for a week and a half.

Been there. That blows.

So we need to hit apply to use a support toon but there is no extra step involved when it comes to picking up a scav camp mission. This game is so confused as to what it needs and what it doesn’t.


You’re looking at an old calendar. I took a pic for my faction mates on Tuesday at 10:30AM my time and it says “Solo SR” on Wed and “Blitz (TBD)” on Tues. and Thurs.

And besides, if they know of a change, they would update the calendar. Scopely frustrates me too, but the calendar is pretty good IF they actually know the answer and IUGO doesn’t do something else.

So much THIS. I would’ve happily added 4 Stars to my XP mission had I known.

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