Soooo yeah....survival road?

So I’m guessing sr hasn’t started because scopely forgot it falls between a league stretch ending and starting.
Wtf , seems to be no limit to how stupid this company can get.
Not only is it starting to look like this company doesn’t even know it’s own game , but it seems it doesn’t even give a shit.


VK has it listed as 2pm pst… they are far more reliable source.


Always trust VK over scopely


Vk should ban scopely


I just can’t wait for the day @GR.Scopely Posts the calendar with the VK watermark.

Want to see when an event might start come here, want to know when an event will start go to vk.

Still 1.5 hours away.


:see_no_evil: oh dear another $%ck up

Thinking the same thing. And to be fair, how could they know? They only made the same mistake last week.

So it isn’t a mistake anymore, it’s a tradition :joy::joy::joy:


We all know how they like to celebrate failures. Might do it on purpose. To have another party/celebration.


And the week before?

That was the Blitz war, and I’m trying hard to supress those memories.


I have updated the calendar this morning to reflect those late changes to the previously announced calendar.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Why didn’t you correct your mistake?

As you can see, you forgot the first week of January. January starts with Jan 1st, not with Jan 6th. So what you called week 1 is actually week 2. Please correct it ASAP. If you don’t correct it, the calender will be wrong the whole year!

This is a BIG PROBLEM!!!

If you don’t understand the concept of calender weeks read this:


Calendar runs monday - Sunday…

I think what he is trying to say is that week 1 of 2020 should have started from 12/30/19 - 01/05/19. Instead that week was marked as week 53 in 2019. This is incorrect as there are usually only 53 weeks if it’s a leap year (which 2020 is).

So basically the week count will be off by one for the entire year if it’s not fixed now.

I would call it a minor inconvenience rather than a big problem personally, but it’s still wrong.

I think we can give him a break on this one👍

Sure. This is correct.


It has nothing to do with it. Week 1 is the first week with at least 4 days. So if thursday is in december, it’s week 53. If thursday is in january, its week 1. Look at the link I posted. This is all part of the ISO standard


Just look at the date rather than the week number :roll_eyes: you really need to calm down.

There’s no need to get abusive over a minor mistake.

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I’m not bothered as long as the calendar is updated weekly🤗

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